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Resolved! ospf & dialup

Hi!We have set up our dialup service this way: each access server has it's own address pool for users, this pool is routed to null0 interface and announces through OSPF. But, I would like that some users (very few of them) have fixed ip addresses sp...

tirmatovt by Beginner
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Resolved! How to restore IOS

I tried to upgrade the IOS on my 2501 router. At the start of the upgrading, I received a warning that the file would be erased. After the upgrading was in effect for a while, the error message showed up: "...Error : memory requirements exceed availa...

saidfrh by Beginner
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Networking advice

Would just like some advice on wide area networking. How would 3 LANS communicate with each other over the internet with routers if private ip addresses were assigned to LAN devices/routers. Would some sort of NAT be employed. I'm not really sure....

mtu traffic

Hi, we're currently running cisco 2611 router. The problem is duruing busy hour many users try to download stuff from the internet at the same and that take alot of our bandwidth, that also slow down other user surfing the web. What i would like to d...

tung by Beginner
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