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LAN Design Question

Hi Team, i need some information regarding LAN Design, Please see Diagram 1 Current Setup. in which when our Core switch trunk ports are full we install 2 aggregate switches and connect both aggregate switches with core switches.but mostly in documen...

Using a 30Amp circuit instead of a 20Amp circuit for Catalyst 6509 E with 6000W power supply

So far I have been following the guidelines from Cisco on power provisioning for my racks in which my older 6509E switches reside :http://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/td/docs/switches/lan/catalyst6500/hardware/Chassis_Installation/Cat6500/6500_ins/0apwsply....

UCCX Outbound Option - What needs to be configured besides UCCX Outbound config

I'm trying to setup Outbound Option for UCCX 10.0. Unfortunately my knowledge in VoiceGateways isn't really deep. What I'm wondering is:1) On progressive mode: Do I need to add some components (e.g. VGW) to CUCM first or is UCCX talking directly to t...


I have recently got a new modem (cisco 3825). once installed, we lost our connection to phone service which is through internet. I called rogers and they told me to log into and unlock the port. Unfortunately, once log into this a...