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RME problems

We are having big problems trying to get RME to pull running configs off Catalyst 4000,5000,6000's etc .... In most cases we are seeing in the update archive the error "Invalid TFTPBOOT directory" . We can't figure out what is causing thi...

ISDN Routing !!!

Hi any one please help to clarify the following scenerio;I have a remote site with 1720 router and connected back to HQ with a 2620 router there by a 64k leased line. There is a 64k ISDN backup link for the two sites.The BRI interface is belonged to ...

fkseow by Beginner
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Extending Vlan's on a 6509

Ok. I really need some help. I currently have (2) two 6509's, each of them have an MFSC card and (2) two 48 port blades. All of the ports on the blades are broken up into seperate vlans. As shown in the following:interface Vlan1 description Manageme...

i-gil by Beginner
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Is there a way too view or tell how much bandwidth a pvc is using. I know that thecommand sh frame-relay map shows the bandwidth given too a pvc but I can't seemtoo find how much BW is being used by a PVC.

erendon by Beginner
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BPX8620 & MGX8220

This is what need to do for our network elements "Investigate the reporting parameter’s that need to be implemented on the BPX/MGX platform. Once defined initiate the above reporting parameter’s to generate figures that will be used as part of the pl...

nachudan by Beginner
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