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General Deployment status

Hi!Where do one find which CatOS releases that have GD-status?I know 6.3(8) for C6000 is GD, but where do one find that info?Cand find anything in the releasenotes.... http://www.cisco.com/univercd/cc/td/doc/product/lan/cat6000/relnotes/78_11235.htmS...

frejac by Beginner
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Need Access List Help

I am working on an access list for my router and am a real Nervous Nellie about it. I have a mail server with six virtual hosts and a webserver with mail and ftp as well as a hundred virtual domains, all with their own IP addresses within the same C...

phampton by Beginner
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Duplex settings

On every Cisco course they told me to configure the duplex-settings on a switchport from the standard auto to a fixed half or full setting.I experienced this always as good practice, because i had several cases where this "fixing" solved big throughp...

Resolved! Is MEM1600-16D= DRAM the same hardware as MEM3640-16D= DRAM?

I have a 3640 that I need to add some memory to. I had previously purchased, and not used, some MEM1600-16D= DRAM for a 1600. From what I have seen, this looks like it should actually be the same hardware as MEM3640-16D= DRAM, but I want to be absol...


I have wan(bri using ddr) with 2 2600 series routers with a collection computer on the Lan receiving data from a switch over ISDN. The switch delivering the data send it specially to that pc address. As is the application works no problem; howeve...

meehanian by Beginner
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