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QoS Class-maps

Trying to understand the class-default for markingI have the concept of Identify traffic with ACLsClassify traffic for marking with class-mapsMark traffic with policy-mapsthe policy-map will always have a default-class for unaccounted traffic in the ...

kimtoovey by Beginner
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Resolved! QoS Class-Map Matching

Hello,When configuring a class-map, I want to match based on DSCP values.  I see that I can configure the match statement either as "match dscp" or "match ip dscp".  The router accepts either one.  Is there a difference between these two, or do they ...

bssmith10 by Beginner
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Resolved! 7600+RSP 720-3CXL and 6500 Gbit ethernet modules (WS-X6748-***) compatible?

Hello all,We are planning the replacement of a 7206 with a 7603-S, 7604 or 7606-S with RSP 720-3CXL to support full internet routing. The problem is RSP720 comes with only 2 x SFP and we need more L3 interfaces to terminate on the router.Can the abov...