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migration topics

Is there "master" Cisco document that contains hardware migration recommendations?I've found several End-of-Sale docs that recommend product replacements, but some seem to be incomplete.For example, for c5500 to c6500 migration, part number WS-X6K-S...

boblutton by Beginner
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VTP VLAN Questions

I have 2 4507s and 5 3000 series switch. I am going to set up a VTP server on one of the 4507s for the 3 vlans i will have. so on the vtp server lets say i want ports 4/10-28 to be on vlan2. do i simply do this:Int range GigabitEthernet 4/10-28No ...

Resolved! late dhcp responses

I installed a 2Gb/s etherchannel link between 6509 and Nortel Passport 8610. Nortel works for L3 switching and 6509 only for L2 as a distribution layer backbone. Also 6509 use 2 MST instances. There is a dhcp-server behind a firewall which is connect...

ttuncaral by Beginner
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48MB flash on 2600XM

How do i effectively get 48MB flash from a 2600XM? I know that it has a default of 16MB flash on board, plus a 32MB flash stick, I could get 48MB flash total. I added a 32MB flash stick to one of my 2600XM, it showed only 32MB flash. Whilst, another ...

image not load

I have a 3800 router but when I first time boot it can not boot and still in freeze. 3800 router have 64MB External flash card. then i upgrade the IOS but by xmodem when i upgrade IOS after finishing data transfer it shows Trnasfer Canceld by remote ...

iqbalkhan by Beginner
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