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GLC-T Issue



actually i have a problem with GLC-T on my Nexus and Catalyst switches

here is my scenario:

my n2k-2348-upq connect to my servers via GLC-T with cat6 copper cable, once i put the port in admin shutdown state, the server port did not disconnect and still show connected, and port was up but only can ping its ip address not server or other ips in network. the port remain connected until in physically disconnect the cable from nexus switch and GLC-T

it seems that the SFP module still send signals on admin shutdown state (as i know if the port is in Admin shutdown state, all the behaviors must be shutdown)

i also check the GLC-T this with my laptop on cisco 2960x switch, but still the same. network interface of laptop was in Connected state even the switch port in shutdown state

i have to note that , i check with this two SFPs, GLC-T and GLC-TE


Thank You All in Advance



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       - Check the logs when the port is put in the intended state, look for additional info's if any.


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actually there nothing except normal logs, like change the state of the port from shut to no shut

i also test now with two switches , i connect two 2960x together, one side with GLC-T on port Gig 1/0/51 and other side on Normal Copper RJ45 port Gig 1/0/35 and here is the result


once both ports on no shut state, everything was fine, once i put Gig 1/0/51 (port which have GLC-T) in admin shutdown state, gig 1/0/51went down, but on other switch gig 1/0/35 still in UP/UP state


c2960x-1#sh int gig 1/0/35 status

Port Name Status Vlan Duplex Speed Type
Gi1/0/35 connected 1 a-full a-1000 10/100/1000BaseTX



c2960x-3#sh int gig 1/0/51 status

Port Name Status Vlan Duplex Speed Type
Gi1/0/51 disabled 258 auto auto 10/100/1000BaseTX SFP



here is the export of command #show interface transceiver properties of second side when gig 1/0/51 on side one in admin shutdown state


Name : Gi1/0/35
Administrative Speed: auto
Administrative Duplex: auto
Administrative Auto-MDIX: on
Administrative Power Inline: N/A
Operational Speed: 1000
Operational Duplex: full
Operational Auto-MDIX: on
Media Type: 10/100/1000BaseTX

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