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switchport ip address

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Why would I assign an ip address to a switchport on a router ?

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Can you revert on what do you perceive as switchport on a router here ?

are you mentioning something about the fastethernet or the ethernet port of the router ?

if yes thats the one which basically acts as the gateway to local LAN (trusted network) which sits behind that.

To get the lan connected to the external public world we need to configure the same.

usually the first ip in the subnet or in the address space is being used as the ip for that port for easy identification and to facilitate/avoid operational issues..


I meant switchport on a switch, sorry !!

What type of switch Karl?

2950? 3550?

If its say a 2950 layer 2 switch, you would assign an IP address to enable remote access via telnet.This IP address isn't being assigned to a physical interface, its assigned to a logical interface Vlan 1(i.e. no physical port is attached to vlan 1). Vlan 1 is what is known as the management vlan.

Hope that helps, if your taking CCNA I would read up on this area :-)

its a 3550 L3 switch !!

If you want to have a routed uplink to/from another L3 switch or a router, that's a good way to do it. It's simpler than creating a vlan and putting the port into it. You could route a layer 2 switch with it also. It simply gives you a routed link to whatever.

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