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Different expiration dates shown on certmetrics


Hello team,

I have a message in the home dashboard of certmetrics stating that my ccie certification expires on Jan 07th 2023, but if I go to the details of the certification the expiration shown is April 12th 2024. Please help me clarify this.

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I also have other friends with the same issue, they see a close date on their Home>Dashboard, but under the certification details they also show a date further away.

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Hi @JRV-cr,

Given that your expiry date is quite close (depending on which date is accurate), I would proceed with opening a case with

Kind regards,


Hi @Milos_Jovanovic thanks for you comment, I actually opened a ticket with them prior to posting on this forum, specifically on Nov 23. Unfortunately I have not received any answers.

Martin L
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VIP Advisor

you can open a case via CLN or ask there in forum attention to Rigo

Regards, ML
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Hello @Martin L Thanks for you comment, but like I said above, it's been 9 days since I opened that ticket and I still have no answers.

Yes,  unfortunately there are delays mentioned by others; many others; in CLN forum, which it where you should go with this concern. All questions regarding certifications and cert exams, topics, studying materials, exam reviews, etc as well as learning technology for pupose of certification should be asked in CLN, The Cisco Learning Network

Read with link below, then you can browse similar posts; use "support" keyword.

I use CCIE Tracker, aka OLSM, to check my expirations, etc. Same page where you can reserve your lab. Have you gone there ? 

Regards, ML
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