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Creating content for end-users?

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Level 3

We want to make it as easy as possible to get end-users up and running with Duo. We’re looking for any information on how you informed your user bases about what Duo is and how they will interact with it. is publicly available but also broad–did you create more specific, custom guides or other content for your users? Would you be interested in a Duo-provided end-user guide similar to the one we have created for help desk teams?

Happy to answer any questions. Thanks!

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Level 1

Hi Dooley,

I think that some sort of editable (or programmatically created) document could be a valuable asset when rolling out Duo.

Sure thing, Ryan. We are super interested in providing a template to help ease rollout, but we’ve struggled with understanding exactly which sections would be most helpful. Because we integrate with so many applications and support so many enrollment and authentication methods, it’s been a struggle to create something that’s applicable to all use cases without being too unwieldy to easily customize.

Could you tell me more about what you’d like to see in the document? We tremendously appreciate your feedback on this stuff and understand the need for it.

Hi Ryan,

Please let me know if you have any answers to my additional questions here. We would love to know more about what we have in mind, as this is definitely an offering we would like to improve. Thanks!

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Level 3

We also now have the following additional resources as well:

Thanks for this. Artefacts that can be re-branded or used with our enterprise branding and edited to be included with our system screenshots are most helpful. We did create a number of working instructions when we rolled out and they were well received, but mostly because they had our exact screenshots and context so that the average user could see the exact thing (or at least with the same logo on it) that they saw on their screen.

We created distinct documents for:

  • enrolment email
  • regularly updated FAQ based on questions to the help desk, but with specifics to our company’s use of duo.
  • how to add/modify devices
  • how to use push and in-app codes (and why it was better than call/sms)
  • how to use VPN with duo (as it was different UX than others)
  • how to use SSO portal with duo
  • how to use SAML apps with duo
  • how to use hard tokens with duo apps
  • how to use mitigation notifications in duo (and then what to do about it)

Thanks, Daniel! We’re working hard to provide more templates where possible–or ideally have a web-based tool where you could easily customize end-user materials with logos and other account-specific details. Hopefully will have more to share on that front later in 2017.

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Level 1

We are creating similar documentation that Daniel has listed through combining what Duo already has published with information from our organization. Having a tool to create that dynamically would be fantastic. I would be willing to participate in any development or testing of this if participants are desired/needed.

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