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The project was simple, stack many switches on rack, however, what is the maximum number of racks units with a default stack cable? We have seen 6 rack units are the maximum, but it is too tight, so I...


Cisco Meeting Server Call Detail Reporting

Greetings. My organization has been using Cisco Meeting Server (CMS) for a couple years now and have really put it to good use. As most customers of this product know, there is no built-in capability ...


ISP Network Deployments RV160W Router with SF300 24Port

Hi, Everyone,I am from ASIA my small network deployment for my ISP Business here is details design showing. Now it's design Private IP address later i am deployment with Public address APNIC!If I am S...


cisco sample GUI program

this is my cisco Gui program it can use for 2xxx,3xxx,4xxx switchesin 2 types :exe,servire phpi waiting your opinian


Cisco firewall migration

This is the project about migration or we can say complete replacement from ASA 5515 to Cisco Secure Firewall 5516 with TAMC license in one of the remote location. As in earlier firewall which don't h...


Teamwork - Network Installation

Teamwork - Network InstallationI've been wanting to write a blog for a little while now on the subject of teamwork. This, of course, is against the backdrop of what we do as a company - network design...


Bridge distance between students during the pandemic

More than 7000+ students have benefited from using the CISCO Webex platform.I as JBS (Jordan Business Systems) In partnership with Cisco implemented an integrated plan for distance education through C...


From Stateful Firewalling to Next Generation Firewall

A customer of ours was running Cisco ASA firewalls (HA) for more than 10 years which was mainly handling their corporate segment traffic. Over the time these boxes faced end of life and end of support...


The Importance of the Human Factor in Network Deployment

I work for a Cisco Partner who employs around 15 engineers, predominantly designing and optimizing Wireless networks.   We were awarded an amazing opportunity in the first quarter of 2020: designing a...


Changing the face of the modern Datacentre

As a growing Cisco partner, we are always striving for ways to help our customers achieve the best from their Cisco solutions and this particular case study is no different. This journey explores the ...

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This is a place for Cisco customers and partners to share stories about their technology projects.

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