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Duo helps you reduce risks by setting and enforcing policies and app access.
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Is there an API call I can make to confirm if the username for a particular set of Client ID and Client Secret is currently Duo-authenticated (authentication not expired)? Taken from the C# example project, the RedirectPermanent(promptUri) call actua...

aghanchi by Beginner
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I have submitted a couple feature requests for Offline Authentication for Unix but it would seem that after 4 months, no plan to implement this feature is in sight. It’s to the point where I may have to start looking at other 2FA providers. This is v...

hiwe'd like to configure HA with 2 servers duo1 and duo2, however if we for example try to have a www application, our dns server of course won't let us create 2 CNAMEs also if we'd want to create let's encrypt certificates with the same name on both...

gabecz by Beginner
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hiwhen i set up a dng with www, rdp, and smb relays, and start using the server i notice that it's starting to use these relays randomly.for example, i open a rdp connection from a computer, and on my phone it shows up "smb relay" in duo when asking ...

gabecz by Beginner
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