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MS Azure authentication for admin portal with Duo

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Any plans to integrate with MS Azure for admin authentication with 2FA?

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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

We’re always looking for ways to better protect our customers. Thanks for your valuable feedback indicating interest in using Duo MFA with native Azure console logons.

Duo, not DUO.

This is something we would like to use as well.

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Level 1

Yes, this is a feature we would like also.

Hi there,

I note this was some time ago and now with the implementation of Duo natively in Azure was wondering if the situation has changed at all.


Hey @chrisph,

You can now protect the Azure Admin Portal with Duo using our new integration with Azure!

We do have a warning in our documentation about creating a fail-safe administrator account in the event that you lock yourself out of Azure though:

We don’t recommend assigning the Duo policy to all users (including tenant administrators) or to all cloud apps at first to avoid the risk of inadvertently blocking administrator access to the Azure Active Directory portal. Verify that your Duo policy and custom control work properly first before assigning the policy to your tenant administrators. You may want to create a fail-safe Azure tenant administrator account that is excluded from Duo MFA policies. Apply a secure password and a different access condition, like one based on a trusted network, to secure this admin account.

More information in the docs:

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