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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Tool URL: Proto Planner


Browser Preferences:

Should generally work in any browser.  Most of the testing has been done in Chrome and Safari.


Support Aliases:


Internal User Onboarding:

External User Onboarding:

Approval of this request is done by a designated representative of the CM partner.   Please check the details of your request to see who are the approvers.

  • If acting as a "CM PM" request role access in the Access Request Tooland request "Proto Scheduling - CM PM".   Likewise if acting as and SCPM, EPE,... request the "xxxxxx - CM" role.


Cisco Education Management System (EMS) Training Modules for Proto Planner

IMPORTANT:  After completing the training modules for your role (Audience) below return to the EMS site and complete the COLT test to ensure you get credit for taking the training.  The Proto Planner training can be found in EMS under "Supply Chain: Proto Planner Training".


Module Duration Audience Last Updated
Overview 8 minutes All May 2017
Basic Navigation 13 minutes All May 2017
Creating Builds 11 minutes NPPM May 2017
Editing Builds 8 minutes NPPM, SCPM May 2017
Build Status: Complete / Cancel / Hold 7 minutes NPPM May 2017
Report Generation 12 minutes All May 2017
CM PM Responsibilities 11 minutes CM PM May 2017


Trouble Shooting / FAQ:


Problem Solution
Buttons, drop downs or type ahead lookup not working

1) Restart browser.   System "times-out" after several minutes at which point these functions may stop working.

2) If #1 does not resolve problem clear browser cache and restart browser.

3) If #2 does not resolve problem restart system.

4) If above do not work raise a support case.


I'm having trouble loading CM personnel or they are not seeing the builds CM personnel must obtain a CCO ID and be assigned to one of the CM roles in order to use Proto Planner.   To obtain a CCO ID use the above New User Request link in the External Onboarding section.  This ID is different than a CEC ID.  The CCO ID often (not always) is the email address of the person (e.g.  The NPPM must use this CCO ID when assigning the person to a role within a build.   Also in the External Onboarding section above are instructions  on obtaining one of the CM roles.
Reset CCO ID Password

Reset your CCO password via the “Forgot password?” link below:


If you have trouble with the above link / process please email and cc

Newly added person not showing up in drop down menu There may be up to a one hour delay between the loading of a person to a role in the Access Request Tool and their showing up in the Proto Planner drop down menus.
How long does it take for a project entered in PPM to show up in Proto Planner? Data is refreshed each night from PPM to Proto Planner.
Assembly Revision Updates A nightly job automatically updates the assembly revision of any not yet started build.   This job looks for the "Auto Update Assembly Revision" checkbox being checked or un-checked.   If checked, it will automatically update the assembly revision up to three days prior to build start.   This flag is automatically disabled for the build three  days prior to build start.   The user can also un-check this flag at anytime prior to build start.
Getting Started

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