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890 Vs 1100 Series


Hi all,

I'm doing research in updating our list of routers for our customers. For a while we have mostly used C881 and C887-VAM routers however now in Australia services are starting to increase from 100Mbit we're now exploring 890 and 1100 series routers. Unfortunately from my research online I can't find any concrete difference other then IOS-XE which the 1100 series use. Interface wise they are very similar from the two series and i can get prices roughly the same between to the two series.

Any suggestions or help will be much appreciated.

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Leo Laohoo
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The 1100-series router is not designed to support 100 Mbps.
ISR 4321 can support up to 100 Mbps and 4331 can support 100 Mbps.
NOTE: Just think about it: If everyone with 100 Mbps WAN link would start dumping the more expensive ISR and start using a CHEAP 1100-series router. Not going to happen with a Cisco router.

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you can find good compare here :



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I've seen this page, unfortunately it doesn't tell you why one is better then the other, other than the 1111 uses IOS-XE. 

The argument is not whether 800- or 1100-series router. Neither of the router will not support 100 Mbps WAN speed.
(800-series router is "on the way out" & the replacement is the 1100-series router.)

Hi Leo Laohoo,


I think you're talking as if the router will be running concurrent services as in everything the router can do at the same time. I understand the throughput of the 1100 series router is default 50Mbit and can be upgraded as high as 350Mbps with the performance license but the routers we deploy are simply just doing NAT and a few security ACL's thats it. I just found this interesting document which does a good description on all models.

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