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All Cisco RV Routers EOL. Perhaps new CBR line coming?


So the Cisco Small Business RV340, RV345, RV 160, RV260, RV345P, RV340W, RV260W, RV260P and RV160W VPN Router has all reached EOS & EOL.  That's every small business router that Cisco currently has.  Per Cisco, there is currently no product migration replacement available for these routers.

I think there is going to be a new router product line introduced called CBR (Cisco Business Router), that will be white in color.  To match the CBS (Cisco Business Switch) and CBW (Cisco Business Wireless) small business product lines that have been recently released and are white in color.

Why would Cisco be holding out from announcing the replacement for the RV routers?

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Anything to add here?  Cannot find any indication of this anywhere I look.


Well it is officially fall .... tick - tick - tick ......

Anyone hearing anything?

Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Nice to see so much support for the RV series. No official word, yet.


It's disappointing that they've not extended the end-of-life, until a replacement path is identified/announced/available. With less than 40 days until October 28, 2022 (when security updates will cease), I've already started looking at alternative brands.

My needs shouldn't be that hard to satisfy (i.e. a dual-WAN router that has 10 Gbe ports, so that it can handle a primary FTTH connection (8 Gbps recently available here in Toronto) and a backup/secondary connection via failover...the RV series was great, except it couldn't go beyond 1 Gbps (and of course, it's not getting the security updates beyond Octover 28, 2022). Put in a faster CPU and faster network WAN ports, make the End-of-life be 5+ years from now, and it would seem to do all I need....

Hey GKToronto,

There has not been much action on development, so I can see that being frustrating. I'm really at the tail-end of product launches, so I'll be last to know, that said I have not seen any Cisco Business based routers in the pipeline. From a top-level Cisco perspective, I know there is much work being done to unify the product portfolio into Catalyst/Meraki. I think there a decisions still being made in this regard, but its closer than ever to being put into action.

Your feedback on the specs are spot on for what should be on the next platform. I've shared it with our team immediately. 

If anyone else cares to share input on what features would be welcome, I'm happy to share it along with the team.

Thanks again GKToronto.


I guess I would simply like to echo that, being 11 days from EoL (security) for the RV series, to have nothing yet to replace them has got us looking elsewhere to solutions.

I get that things for the new (hypothetical CBR) might be taking longer than expected, but as a good-faith effort to support your customers who want to convince our management that staying with Cisco for this scale system is a good idea, it would be nice to see the security support date pushed out far enough that we can safely acquire, test, and plan deployment of replacement systems.


Pretty gutted that there is neither a replacement avail, nor a commitment to maintaining basic security updates and/or software critical fixes for the RV line.  My Security license expires this week and SW/Security fix support ends next week so this weekend will see me replacing the RV340 I suspect.

For those in a similar situation, where have you gone?  Any recommendations?  I have similar requirements to @GKToronto - should not be this hard.

Thanks in advance,

I have several dozen RV's across numerous sites. Cisco's apparent lack of direction on providing a replacement has me switching to Ubiquiti. Unfortunately, the Ubiquiti EdgeMax routers are extremely difficult to source and this brought me back to looking at what Cisco might have as a replacement for the RV. Cisco appears to have seriously dropped the ball on this. Thankfully I have several Ubiquiti routers left & will continue on this path. Returning to Cisco is still a possibility but not in the near future.

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