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Cisco RV 320 Looses internet and need to restart every time to fix



I have a LAN Network with RV 320, with 50 PC's and some devices like storage drives, printers etc., The problem is the Router looses internet connectivity for most of the websites everyday at same time, some websites can be accessed like Facebook, Youtube. I have to restart the router every time this issue occurs. I had gone with the system logs, i cannot figure out what is causing this issue. It would be great if someone can help me deal with this problem.


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Thanks for contacting Cisco support community centre.

I hope you are doing well. I am really sorry for inconvenience caused and delayed response.

Please let me know the below details to narrow down the Issue.

>> May I know the Firmware version of the device?

>> Are you using both WAN connections? If you are using both please remove one connection and try with the other one and update the status?

>>Have you configured any access rule or Schedule management in the device?

>>Has it ever worked before?

>>Please provide me some websites that you cannot access at that time.

Thanks For the reply Anasathy,

>> The firmware its running is the latest

>> I use only the WAN port, DMZ/WAN is disabled. I have never used the DMZ WAN port since i have bought this RV 320 router.

>>Neither the access rule is configured nor the schedule management. 

>>It worked fine sometimes. I have this issue almost since i used to have the Previous version of Firmware on the Device.

>>I cannot access almost all the websites. It seems to block the internet, Exactly i don't remember the websites but i can capture the names if the issue persuades again.

will the ip conflict cause this ? I am sure i dont have any IP conflict but still if i use a device which access internet other than computer (Like say a Beaglebone device)

I would really appreciate the help. Thanks

Samir Darji

Kind of a common issue on the rv series. I'd figure out a point in the day each day when there is no usage when it could be rebooted and then just put it on a timer or there may be a way to script a reboot.

May not be the answer you want to hear, but once you figure this out, you'll forget about the issue.

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I appreciate your suggestion but i have an environment which is mostly dependent on Internet,

And how can i do the timer ?

I will look into it how to schedule the timer.

But my concern is, the issue occurs at anytime. I don't know the exact timing. It occurs different time a different day.

Sorry i am new to the networking if my questions are annoying. :-)

Thanks a lot

How many hours from a fresh reboot does it work before the problems start?

In the case of my rv016s that was about 1-2 days, so I set up a reboot ever 24hrs. I forgot about problems after that.

If your problems start in a very short time, like 4 hours, you may not have a choice but to replace the unit with a different make/model that is more robust or at least lasts one full work day.

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Which Router is similar or better than RV 320,?

You could try a Remote Power Switch.  This one will monitor your network and power cycle your router and modem when the network stops working.


We've used that exact same model and it works great for this purpose.  Very configurable so you can choose how and when it will reboot.  You can also reboot it manually via the web interface.

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Hi Samir Darji

If there is no internet will i be able to connect it(Remote power switch) remotely to restart the router ?

Because this is the main router and i loose internet connectivity all over.


Unfortunately, once your access is out, you will lose connectivity to the router.  Rebooting is best as a preventative measure.  The rebooter linked above has a scheduling system as well as a ping based reboot--if the rebooter cannot ping a specified address after so many tries, it will automatically reboot the router.

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It happens only at work time, when people are here , i wonder if there is any computer or device connected to internet which is causing problem. I am sure this is not the problem with the router. Its something else. Because it never happens at weekends or at night, it only triggers at the day time 10 Am to 5 PM which is when most of the people use the network. Please help..

I had tracert the websites i am not able to connect to, it can pass through my router. and timeout occurs somewhere else.. 

I can use without any problem while the problem connecting to most of the websites like and so on..


> looses internet connectivity

If some websites still work like facebook or youtube, the internet connectivity has not been lost completely. Perhaps only DNS does not work any more? Because the old build-in DNS is quite crap, at least in the previous firmware. (I still had no time to update to the current one.)

The DNS sometimes crashes. Thats the reason why I've put the Google Public DNS in our DHCP settings so all clients use the Google DNS. But unfortunately I cannot set DNS Settings for the PPTP VPN Users. Those users have to use the internal DNS. And they tell me in regular intervals that the internet connection does not work any more when they are in the VPN.

I figured out that the DNS does not response any more. After a reboot of the router everything works fine again.

Thanks for the reply Jens,

Yes exactly this is the problem i am facing, but it is highly needed for us to use PPTP VPN, without that i dont think we can survive.

Would you think the Remote Power switch would help me in this case ? or shall i get another router with same functionalities with different make and Model ?

Thanks again

In general: Yes, we all should kick that piece of sh!t out of our infrastructure, never buy a cisco product any more, and switch to pfsense for example which can be configured completely over a shell, receives a lot of updates and does not have NSA backdoors thanks to the open source operating system. But thats another story.

In the meantime you can tell the people who are using PPTP, that they can set their own DNS servers as well for the VPN connection. Most of our people working over the VPN are Apple Users and I do not support them because I have no idea of that operating system. But in Windows you can set the DNS of the pptp connection. You have to go to the (I have to translate from german to english and have do do some guessing) Network and Sharing Center  / Change adapter settings. There you have access to the properties of the VPN connection (because the stupid Metro GUI hides that properties) 

There it is possible to set the Google DNS for the PPTP connection too.

To be sure that the people can reach the internal servers, we gave them official subdomains of existing domains, so the Google DNS resolves the names of our internal. Thats funny, because they are resolved to something like 192.168.x.x which are private IPs. But that works like a charm. :)

EDIT / PS: If you dont want to spread your internal server names to public DNS or if it is not so easy to do that, the people outside can put the internal server names and IPs into their hosts-file. Unfortunately most people are not able to do that. But if you have software programers outside they have to know how to do that. ;-)

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