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RV042 PPTP with firewall rules

Christian H.

I have activated the option "Enable PPTP Server" on a RV042. Connecting from a Windows 8 client works perfectly and the client has access to the whole network. But I need to limit the access, so the client can only access one server (IP

I have set up the following firewall access rules:

Priority: 1
Action: Deny
Service: All Traffic
Source Interface: Any
Source IP: Range to
Destination IP: Any

Priority: 2
Action: Allow
Service: All Traffic
Source Interface: Any
Source IP: Range to
Destination IP:

The client still has access to the whole network.
Are the firewall access rules not working with PPTP clients?

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I'm sorry you are having issues with your configuration. 

Unfortinately, you are right, the firewall rules have no effect over anything VPN related. Basically there's no way for you to restrict access for VPN clients using the firewall. 

You will have to use different methods maybe using the windows firewall. 

I hope this helps. 

Thanks for your answer.

Is there a product from Cisco which meets my requirements? I also need dual WAN ports with failover switching.


im sorry but none of our current small business routers supports such a feature. 

You may want to look at the ASA or Cisco 800 series routers. 

Mi hope this helps and please dInt forget to mark an answer as correct if it was helpful to you so that other members can benefit from it. 

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