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RV120W, Bridge mode and multiple static IP addresses


Firstly, apologies for the long winded post but thought I would provide as much info as possible.

I am trying to configure a BT Business ADSL Router (BT2700HGV) to work in bridge mode in front of a Cisco RV120W router and cannot get this to work.

I have followed numerous posts I have come across in configuring the BT router for bridged mode and this has been configured as follows:

ATM Encapsulation - Bridge LLC

DSL and ATM - VPI=0, VCI=38 (also tried VCI=35)

ATM PVC Search - Disabled

Connection Type - Direct IP (DHCP or Static)

Disable Routing - Yes

There are also some other options on the same configuration page for 'Broadband IP Network' (which I have left on DHCP) and also a 'Public IP' which has been left blank. 

After setting the above options this removes the LAN DHCP configuration, the PPPoA logon details and sets the internal IP address of the BT router to

My understanding of 'Bridge' mode is that this router will now act simply as a modem and configuration details such as logon details and WAN IP address information are configured using the Cisco RV120W router?

The configuration of the Cisco router is as follows:

Internet Connection Type - PPPoE

Username and Password set

Authentication Type - Auto-Negotiate (options here are PAP, CHAP, MS-CHAP and MS-CHAPv2)

Routing Mode - Router (Other option is 'Gateway (NAT))' - I have tried both options

The WAN interface on the Cisco router is connected to one of the LAN ports on the BT router.  The 'Broadband' light is on the BT router but the 'Internet' light isn't.  The WAN status on the Cisco router is 'Connecting'.  I am sure I am missing something simple.

We have been assigned a range of static IP addresses from BT so am trying to get these working too (x.x.x.24/29 - 5 usable statics), another option available (other than PPPoE) for configuring the WAN interface on the Cisco router is a 'Static IP', not sure if this is the correct option but have tried messing with it, I have tried assigning a static IP from the range given to us (.30 - the router address specified by BT) along with the subnet mask, however don't know what to put as the default gateway, would this be the peer address (but assume that would change anyway), in any case, using the 'Static IP' option does not give an option to supply the BT logon details which I assume is required?

In bridged mode, what is the peer address assigned to, the BT router or the Cisco router?

Does the BT router need to be configured with a public IP address?

If anybody could provide me with any help it would be most appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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Frequent Contributor


First i would make sure the RV220 is running on the latest firmware.

fw is the latest as i recall there were some trouble with PPOE with the later firmware's.

Please repost your current running firmware.



To confirm, we are running the latest frmware as above, that was the first thing I did to the router after taking it from the box.



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