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RV320 stuck at firmware



Since 2018 I've got a RV320 router which has currently running firmware v1.3.2.02.

I tried to upgrade this several times before, but the upgrade does not seem to work.

Today I finally got round to looking into my firmware upgrade problem again.

What I tried:

  • uploading the latest v1.4;
  • uploading the latest v1.5;
  • Upgrading via USB;

All upgrade methods seem to work, but after reboot the former version is shown again.


Anyone any idea?


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 - Check the logs during the upgrade procedure or attach a console and follow up on it. Also keep checking for errors during the initial boot after the upgrade attempt.


Hello Marce1000,


Thanks for the reply. The logs are not showing anything. All boxes were ticked. 

Between loading the USB drivers and reboot nothing is added to the log.


2020-02-02, 04:46:32Kernel/sbin/usb_modem[3573]: 0x0781_0x5591-1.usb not exist
2020-02-02, 04:46:32Kernel/sbin/usb_modem[3573]: Unknown usb1 device(0781:5591), add vid/pid for driver
2020-02-02, 13:58:39System Logxlassist : System is up
2020-02-02, 13:58:39System LogFirmware Version : v1.3.2.02
2020-02-02, 13:58:40Kernelkernel: Init model[320-0] system information:


Never used a console before, so don't know where to start.

Can I do this by SSH? 


Regards, Martin

                             >Never used a console before, so don't know where to start.

   - Check if there is a console port somewhere on  your device (sometimes marked blue - or consult device manual to find the console port); then attach serial cable ; usually uses 9600 baud. Then follow my instructions as stated in initial reply.


Hello M,


Too bad, no console port available on this router.

I'll give support a call tomorrow.



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