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[RV345] Client-to-site VPN auth error after firmware upgrade


Since receiving an automated firmware upgrade to this week, all client-to-site VPN connection are failing on our RV345. The relevant parts of the logs (more can be provided if needed) appear to be:

info vpn charon: 10[IKE] PAM authentication has received the connection name 'c2s_vpn'
error vpn charon: PAM no modules loaded for `s2s-vpn' service
info vpn charon: 10[IKE] XAuth pam_authenticate for 'vpntest' failed: Permission denied

This occurs both with our Radius authenticated user group as well as a local user setup (per logs) to rule out a Radius issue. The obvious error is regarding a missing module for the 's2s-vpn' service, yet this is a 'c2s-vpn' tunnel. I can't find any reference to this error in search results or community posts, nor anything relevant in the release notes for this release, so any help would be appreciated.

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My name is Nikola Butlev and I'm Cisco Engineer.

As Cisco routers have to work on the latest firmware version please upgrade your device to which was recently released.

You can get it from here:


Thank you,



in my case, after upgraded device to, issue persist.

All configuration was present but router doesn't authenticate remote vpn user, also after a complete user account remove/reinsert test.


I've done a complete factory reset and reload task (keeping this latest version).

After this I've done all needed reconfig from scratch. Now it works fine....obviously.


I hope that, from this version, this is the last time that a similar issue occours on .....



Firmware and both have some sort of bug that breaks VPN for these sslvpn client to site also breaks with both of these firmware updates. I can't open a case as I do not have a current "service contract"?

Has anyone heard from Cisco engineers for a fix yet...seems they would have figured this out the second time around???

They're working on a beta firmware based on firm

It's amazing that the Cisco firmware update that broke the core functionality of the device is still not fixed, almost after a year. Almost inconceivable. Cisco, care to explain why?



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