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Routing configuration 1941 type router


Guys, am stuck at the routing part. Have been reading  a lot about nat, pat, nat-pools, but i cant figure it out.  I cannot find a tutorial that is able to answer my questions. 


Anyway, will start with the following questikn:

How do i need to configure my router to allow my devices in my network, to aces the Internet. I know i need to enable Nat inside and Nat outside, and also created a static route to my isp's gateway.  But it doesnt work. Anyone wh knows what i am missing? Also, can i keep my outside nic at dhcp or do i need to ad a static address?


Hope someone can help me because it is weekend, but in the weekend i do have the time to test and learn.

fhank you.

Will that be enough?



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Kanan Huseynli


regarding NAT you are missing NAT statement configuration. For overload NAT (means, multiple inside IP are mapped to one outside IP) you should match access-list (list of subnetworks which should be natted) and set interface with overload keyword. You may use NAT pool to choose different IP from outside interface scope.

Coming to the second question, you may have dhcp configuration on external-outside interface. Here there are two options, either manually create static default route with dhcp keyword (recent IOS) or using default-router information received in DHCP options. The second case happens automatically, but it adds static route with 254 AD (you can change AD value with ip dhcp client default-router distance [AD] command).


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You can do static NAT or PAT depending on the requirement. ( if you have dedicate Public IP or you can use ISP allocated IP)

I use below simple static NAT 

ip nat inside source static x.x.x.x y.y.y.y  ( x.x.x.x Internal Server - y.y.yy IP address)



ip nat inside source static tcp x.x.x.x 80 y.y.y.y 80

you can also do with external interface with PAT

to understand your problem - post-show run from your config so we can suggest what is wrong and best syntax to be used.



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