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Cisco ISE Secure Access Wizard (SAW) - Guest, BYOD and Secure Access in Minutes!



This is a tool that enables configuration of all necessary settings plus basic customization of Guest, BYOD and Secure Access (dot1x) flows. The tool configures ISE and the Wireless Controller in a matter of minutes.


For general setup of ISE for guest access without a wizard please use the ISE Guest Access Prescriptive Deployment Guide


dCloud ISE Secure Access Wizard Sandbox Demo (POV Hands-On Training) - Lab Guide(For Employees and Partners)

Behavior per Release

Its recommended to use ISE 2.6patch3 or higher when using this tool for supported release of ISE compatibility with WLC

This lists out the behavior of the tool when first launching ISE. Please see excerpt in the ISE 2.4 Admin Guide Easy Wireless setup

  • 2.2 and patch 1 - The Wizard is started and running by default
  • 2.2 patch 2 - service disabled user directed via UI to enable in the CLI
  • 2.3+ - service disabled user directed via UI to enable via UI or CLI


Showcases using the tool for each of the flows, connecting with a client and then the ISE and WLC configuration.



Secure Access (DOT1X)

Known Defects

Please use the latest recommended version of ISE, ISE 2.6 suggested release 

Releases prior to ISE 2.6 (now that its the suggest release) will not be listed below as new installs should use 2.6 or higher.


  • CSCvr81644 - ISE easy wireless setup - SAW secure access wizard not working with wlc code >8.5
    • new bug to track for use with 8.7,8.8,8.9,8.10 - expected in 2.7 patch?, 2.6 patch 5, no current ETA
  • CSCvg65262 - easy wireless setup secure access wizard SAW not working with wlc code 8.3+
    • fixed in ISE 2.6 patch 3 & ISE 2.7
  • CSCvj83747 ISE Secure Access Wizard  Easy Wireless null AD groups for BYOD, Secure Access, Sponsored guest flow
    • Fixed in 2.6p1+
  • CSCvp46600 - "no Active Directory by the name found" in ISE Secure Access wizard Easy Wireless setup mode
    • Fixed in ISE 2.4p9+: working in 2.6 patch 2 and higher
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