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Core issue

The PIX Device Manager (PDM) does not support Access Control Lists (ACLs) and conduits which are configured simultaneously. If both are configured on the PDM, traffic will cease to pass as a result of either.


The PIX Firewall supports both conduits and ACLs. If traffic is passing through an interface that contains both an ACL and conduits, the PIX will only use the ACL applied to that interface. It will disregard all conduits. If traffic is passing through an interface that does not have an ACL applied to it, it will use any conduits present on the PIX.

The performance of ACLs and conduits on the PIX, when configured through PDM, varies from the above. When either ACLs or conduits are configured in PDM, they perform normally. However, when conduits exist and an ACL is applied to an interface using PDM, traffic will stop passing on that interface. This is because PDM does not support both conduits and ACLs. This aspect of PDM is not expected to change.

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