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ACS End of Life

ACS Version End of Sale End of Life End of Support
5.8 Aug 30, 2017 Aug 30, 2018 Aug 31, 2020 EoS/L
5.7 May 2, 2016 May 2, 2017 May 31, 2019 EoS/L
5.6 Feb 16, 2016 Feb 15, 2017 February 28, 2019 EoS/L
5.5 April 15, 2015 April 14, 2016 April 30, 2018 EoS/L
4.2 October 27, 2011 October 26, 2012 October 31, 2014 EoS/L
3.3 August 29, 2006 August 29, 2007 August 28, 2009 EoS/L

Cisco Secure Access Control System - End-of-Life and End-of-Sale Notices - Cisco


Migration Paths

ISE 2.0 supports migration from ACS 5.5 and 5.6 only.

ISE 2.1+ supports migration from ACS 5.5 and later.


ACS version older than 4.x cannot migrate to ISE. You must first upgrade from ACS 4.x to either ACS 5.5 or ACS 5.6 before migrating to ISE 2.0. This is a multi-step process. We recommend a fresh install of ISE with manual configuration or using import/export tools.

If you are using ACS 4.x please see the ACS 4.x to ISE Migration that provides you options for migration to ISE.

ACS versions less than 5.5 need to be upgraded to either ACS 5.5 or later before migrating to ISE.


ACS 4.x to ACS 5.x

For customers to migrate to ACS 5.5 or ACS 5.6, they need to be in one of the ACS 4.x versions

  • ACS
  • ACS 4.1.4
  • ACS
  • ACS 4.2.1

ACS 5.x has a significantly different architecture than ACS 4.x. The migration might not carry over a lot of configuration automatically. You might have to manually carry over configuration or use import/export tools. Here are the links that speaks about what objects are supported/not supported during migration.

ACS 4.x to ACS 5.5

ACS 4.x to ACS 5.6


Please look at the ACS 4.x to 5.x migration doc for more details on architecture and the choices for migration based on your configuration sets. Here is the ACS feature comparison document discussing parity across ACS 3.x/4.x and ACS 5.x releases.


ACS 5.x to ACS 5.5 / 5.6 / 5.7 / 5.8

If customers are in prior version of ACS 5.x, you have to upgrade to ACS 5.5 / 5.6 first before migrating to ISE 2.0. For migrating to ISE 2.1, your customer be in one of the last 4 releases of ACS( ACS 5.5/ 5.6/ 5.7 or 5.8).

If your customers interim goal is to upgrade to the latest ACS version based on the EOL then upgrade to the latest version of ACS 5.8.

Please follow the link for detailed procedure for migration. Here are the upgrade paths for the ACS 5.x versions. The ACS versions that supports migration to ISE are in Bold letters.

  • ACS 5.0 --> ACS 5.2 --> ACS 5.4 --> ACS 5.6 --> ACS 5.7 or ACS 5.8
  • ACS 5.1 --> ACS 5.3 --> ACS 5.5 --> ACS 5.6 or ACS 5.7 or ACS 5.8
  • ACS 5.2 --> ACS 5.4 --> ACS 5.6 --> ACS 5.7 or ACS 5.8
  • ACS 5.3 --> ACS 5.5 --> ACS 5.6 or ACS 5.7 or ACS 5.8
  • ACS 5.4 --> ACS 5.6 -->  ACS 5.7 or ACS 5.8


ACS vs ISE Comparison ( Why do you need to migrate to ISE?)

ACS vs ISE Comparison provides information on feature comparison/ deployment limits are being improved in ISE 2.1


ACS vs ISE Deployment Sizing

ISE 2.0 TACACS+ Deployment & Sizing Guidance provides TACACS+ deployment sizing and device admin model guideline


How To Migrate

How to Migrate ACS 5.x to ISE 2.x will give you step by step instructions to plan, design, prepare and migrate from ACS to ISE successfully.

You can make use of the ACS to ISE - High Level design questionnaire to gather information from your customer environment to scope and design your ISE deployment.


ACS to ISE Migration Tool

ACS to ISE Enhanced Migration Tool Demo


Migration Tool Guide

The Migration tool guide is a technical document that discusses the procedure of migrating from ACS to ISE.

It details the migration process and provides information on the objects, character sets supported and differences between ACS and ISE.


Video Tutorials

ACS to ISE Migration: Planning


ACS to ISE Migration: Preparation


This video tutorial covers Part III of the three part video tutorials for performing ACS to ISE migration covering the Migration process and demonstration. The 3 part video tutorial series will provide an in-depth discussion on Cisco Access Control Server(ACS) to Cisco Identity Services Engine(ISE) migration useful for customers, partners, Sales AS and other participants who are planning this migration.

ACS to ISE Migration: Migration Process and Demonstration

Topics covered would include discussion on configuration gaps, exceptions, fixes and workarounds across all the configuration areas of ACS. Preparing your staging environment, Migration tool and general pre-requisites and frequently asked questions.


Migration: Introduction, Environment, and Process Overview

  • Introduction:  2min 15 sec
  • Setting up Staging Environment: 2min 15sec - 6min 50 sec
  • Migration Tool Pre-requisites, install, overview: 6imn 50 sec - 14min 30 sec
  • Overview of Migration process: 16mins - 17mins 30sec


Migration: Export, Exceptions and Import

  • Export Configuration - pre-requisites, process and analysis: 17min 30 sec - 30min 30sec,
  • 33min 45 sec - 37min 15sec
  • Gap Analysis and fixing exception: 30min 30sec - 33min 45sec
  • 37min 15sec - 39min 30sec
  • Importing Configuration to ISE: 44min 15sec - 46min 45sec


Migration: Verification & References

  • Verification of Migration report and logs: 46min 45sec - 50min
  • Verification of Migration from ACS & ISE UI: 50min - 60min 30sec
  • References and Conclusion: 60min 30 sec - 61min 40sec



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