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Jason Gervia
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

1)  What is the AnyConnect Essentials License?

The Anyconnect Essentials is a license that allows you to connect up to your 'Total VPN Peers"  platform limit with AnyConnect.  Without an AnyConnect Essentials license, you are limited to the 'SSLVPN Peers' limit on your device.  With the Anyconnect Essentials License, you can only use Anyconnect for SSL - other features such as CSD (Cisco Secure Desktop) and using the SSLVPN portal page for anything other than launching AnyConnect are restricted.

You can see your limits for the various licensing by issuing the 'show version' command on your ASA.

2)  Is there a separate AnyConnect Essentials client needed on the ASA if I already have Anyconnect installed?

A:  No.  Anyconnect Essentials is just a license - there is no separate client needed.

3)  How do I enable the AnyConnect Essentials license?

Instructions for installing the license key will be included when you get the license.  Once you've installed the key and rebooted, running the 'show version' command should indicate that the license is enabled.  You should see output similar ot the following:

AnyConnect Essentials          : Enabled        perpetual



Once that is there, you turn on the license by doing the following:

conf t





4)  So I can't use the portal page at all with AnyConnect essentials? 

A:  The portal page exists, but once logging in you will immediately launch AnyConnect.  Other features (bookmarks, java plug-ins, etc) will not be available.

5)  What version of ASA code do I need for AnyConnect Essentials?

A:  ASA 8.2 and above support AnyConnect Essentials.

6)  Exactly which features are supported by AnyConnect Essentials vs Anyconnect Premium Licensing?

Please see:

Community Member

Can you transfer a Cisco AnyConnect license from an undeployed Cisco ASA 5505 (at a site that was closed) to another Cisco 5505 that was brought active at another site?



dont know if you are still looking for an answer.  It is Yes.  You will need to get your Cisco account team involved.  Basically your SE will go to licensing and get two activation keys generated - one to remove the anyconnect license from one 5505 and the other to put the feature onto the other 5505.  If you dont have a SE, you might be able to get Cisco licensing to help you with this.



We have an ASA 5520 with asa 8.3 including AnyConnect Essentials... if I upgrade the asa to 9.x version will AnyConnect Essentials still work ?  I am asking as we don't have anynore the license key.. so get it not working due to the IOS upgrade will be a problem if you see what i mean :)

Tim Glen
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee


Yes AnyConnect Essentials license will still be in the ASA after the upgrade from 8.x to 9.x and AnyConnect will still work as it does now.  You can see this in   show version | inc AnyConnect   before and after the upgrade. 



What is the step by step process to add a new Anyconnect user? I have an ASA 5510 which was decommissioned and now needs to be put in service. There are existing tunnel and alias settings but I am not clear to the steps to add a new user for the SSL VPN Service.


We have the license for 250x seats for AnyConnect Essentials on our customers' server, how do I actually get a VPN agent? I tried to download it from the resources on Cisco website, but I'm not able to do so.

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