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Cody Ridge


I am using an ASA 5510 ver 8.4.1

One of the interfaces is configured with a IP address of (/21)

We are looking to expand this subnet to make more hosts available. What would be the implications of changing the interface subnet mask from to

How will the related ACLs and other config entries be impacted by making this type of netmask change on the interface?

Will related entries be deleted?  Or, will I have to just modify related object-groups, ACLs, etc after the change on the interface?

Any assistance would be appreciated.


This is crazy that you have over 600 views with no replies. I would expect that there would not be any issues since you are going larger. If you were going smaller, there could be problems. ACL's might be an issue if not modified. I would like to know this as well:)


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