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Cisco pxGrid Cloud is a cloud-based solution that enables you to share contextual information between on-prem applications and cloud-based solutions without compromising the security of your network or requiring changes to your existing firewall.  Cisco pxGrid Cloud was introduced with ISE 3.1 Patch 3 in May 2022.

Note: Use the latest patch to make sure working around any issues found after patch 3, stability issues are fixed in patch 4 and 5 (due later this year). ISE 3.2 patch 1 early next year.

Supported Topics and APIs

The following functions are supported with pxGrid Cloud:

  • ISE Open APIs
  • Adaptive Network Control (ANC)
  • Both pxGrid and pxGrid Cloud at the same time.

All Cisco pxGrid Topics are supported for Context-Out - publication from ISE to partner applications.

Supported Scale

5 ISE Deployments can be added to a pxGrid Cloud Tenant


Not currently supported with pxGrid Cloud:

  • context-in (bulk endpoint creation) via Open API - ISE 3.1 patch 5 - Workaround is to use ERS API single CRUD operations or use ERS/pxgrid same time to update endpoint - Context-In with Endpoint API (Open API)
  • Bulk Update/Delete - 3.1 patch 6 - 3.2 patch 1 
  • Bulk Download >1MB - fix in 3.1 patch 7, 3.2 patch 2, 3.3
  • COA reprofiling is not happening after an update - ISE 3.3 
  • Mobile Device Management (MDM)
  • TC-NAC
  • MNT APIs? reach out to our PMs
  • IPv6 client for pxGrid Cloud communication 

Currently only the US Region is supported for app deployment. For Cisco pxGrid Cloud support in other regions, please contact the Cisco pxGrid Cloud Product Manager.

For Cisco pxGrid scale and performance, see

Cisco Partners

Cisco Technology Partners may find more information on how to develop Cisco pxGrid Cloud apps at

pxGrid Cloud Demo App

We now have a learning lab to use with pxGrid Cloud on how to do basic connectivity and onboarding exercise. Learn about the Cisco pxGrid Cloud Demo App.



The most common issues seen:

  • My app was activated and now its not working - 403 error? Try deactivating the pxGrid Cloud ISE connection and also the connection on ISE. Reconnecting all components again - trying for 3.1p5 - defect CSCwc95878 Hermes not restarting when rsocket fails
  • After connecting app it will become disconnected and won't reactivate - delete the app and reconnect to restore - 3.1p4 
  • I am unable to activate the app (seen in logs as 403 error) - make sure the scopes you setup with the app are also allowed on ISE under admin > pxgrid services > Client Management > pxGrid Cloud Policy
  • Getting a 500 error in my app service when trying to connect - this is an issue found to be white space in the token, client side clean up code - this is an infrastructure issue being worked as of 10/13/22
  • Error 403 seen when making an API call - found that the app is not currently connected to the tenant

How to access APIs via pxGrid cloud checklist

  1. Make sure ISE is enrolled to cloud (In the UI Administration -> pxGrid Services -> Client Management -> pxGrid Cloud Connection)
  2. Make sure relevant policies are enabled (pxGridtopics, ERS and Open API configs. In the UI Administration -> pxGrid Services -> Client Management -> pxGrid Cloud Policy)
  3. Make sure app is enrolled with Cloud and the right scopes are enabled
  4. Verify if the regional URL, device id and API key are correct in cURL command.
  5. Use POST operation and include empty payload (‘{}’) – For pxGrid APIs only
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