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Ashley Price
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Network Admission Control (NAC) is a Cisco led, multipartner program designed to limit damage caused by viruses and worms. NAC controls network access by interrogating devices connecting to the network to see if they comply with network security policies.

Cisco Trust Agent is a core component of the NAC solution. This client software must be installed on hosts whose host policy state is to be validated before permitting network access. Cisco Trust Agent allows NAC to determine if the Cisco Security Agent or antivirus software is installed and current, and can determine current OS and patch levels.

The Cisco Trust Agent is available free of charge and can be obtained directly from Cisco as a standalone application or bundled with Cisco Security Agent. It can also be obtained from NACpartners (from Trend Micro’s OfficeScan for example).

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Small nonintrusive agent acts as a middleware component securely communicates host policy information to the AAA/policy server. Cisco Trust Agent can communicate the Cisco Security, OS, and patch versions, as well as antivirus presence and version.
  • Interacts directly with NAC-enabled applications running on the host without user intervention. Cisco Trust Agent will communicate with NAC-enabled applications through communication channels integrated by the NAC partners in their applications.
  • Cisco Trust Agent is integrated with Cisco Security Agent and can be distributed by NAC partners with their applications for simplified management and distribution. Cisco Trust Agent is also available for free download at as a standalone application.

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