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Core issue

To configure Easy VPN using the PIX Device Manager (PDM), you must have PIX Firewall software version 6.2 or later and PDM version 2.0 or later.  The PDM Help tab contains the operation and configuration guide for PDM. There is also a VPN Wizard that guides you through the setup.


The Easy VPN remote panel lets you connect your firewall to a VPN Concentrator or headend as a VPN Client. To do so, perform these steps:

  1. Select the Enable Easy VPN Remote check box.  

  2. Select the appropriate mode.  

  3. Select the authentication, either Group Password or X.509 Certificate.  

    If you select Group Password, you must also supply a group name and group password.

  4. Type the IP address of the remote VPN Concentrator or headend in the Easy VPN Remote Server To Be Added box and click Add.  

  5. Click Apply.

For detailed directions and information about configuring PDM, refer to Cisco PIX Device Manager 3.0 .

To view documentation for your PDM version, refer to the Cisco PIX Device Manager documentation index page.

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