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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

The Network Visibility Module was introduced with the release of AnyConnect 4.2 to help solve the loss of network visibility issue as users are now just as likely to work anywhere but the actual office. With private and public clouds servicing employees they can be just as productive from home or the local coffee shop which is advantageous to the user but challenging for the network administrator. The challenge to the administrator is that with this paradigm shift the ability to plan for capacity and service, to provide auditing, and ensure compliance and security is hindered thus causing blind spots for the administrator.

AnyConnect with NVM is the solution to overcome these blind spots and provides even more visibility including application visibility. NVM is essentially NetFlow for the endpoint and under the hood is the new Cisco nvzFlow protocol which is an add-on to the IPFIX protocol which itself is based on Cisco NetFlow version 9. Cisco nvzFlow allows NVM to give the administrator information based on the following 5 key visibility categories;

• User

• Device

• Application

• Destination

• Location

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