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Removing the PIX Device Manager (PDM) software from the PIX Firewall makes additional space available in Flash.

PDM is supported only on PIX Software versions 6.0.1 and later. The only way to remove the PDM from the PIX operating on code 6.x is to erase the Flash on the PIX by using the command write erase and reload the PIX OS and configuration using the command reload.

If the PIX has 7.0 code installed, you can issue the delete command to remove PDM from Flash, as shown:

Hostname# delete [/noconfirm] [/recursive] [disk0:|disk1:|flash:] filename 

For example, on a PIX running on code 7.x and later, you can first determine the PDM installed on the PIX and then remove it by issuing the delete command, as shown:

Hostname(config)# show flash  -#- --length-- -----date/time------ path   10 3184       Aug 03 2004 07:07:00 old_running.cfg    11 4787       Mar 04 2005 12:32:18 admin.cfg    12 1792       Jan 21 2005 07:29:24 Marketing.cfg    13 7765184    Mar 07 2005 19:38:30 asdmfile-old    14 1674       Nov 11 2004 02:47:52 pdm    15 5124096    Feb 20 2005 08:49:28 cdisk70102    pixfirewall(config)# delete flash:/pdm 

For more information, refer to the delete command in the Cisco Security Appliance Command Reference Guide, Version 7.2.

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