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Jason Kunst
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

This is an FAQ about the single click sponsor approval feature added in ISE 2.2


Watch a video explanation: Video Link : 15799


Sponsors logged-in using Single-Sign-On (SSO; SAML or Kerberos-based) or internal users are not supported.

Flow has been tested against LDAP running on AD, it should work with other LDAP servers.


If your are upgrading or restoring the database from earlier version of Cisco ISE to Cisco ISE 2.2+ you must manually insert Approve/Deny links. To manually insert the Approve/Deny links

1.Select Self-Registered Guest Portal

2.Click on the Portal Page Customization

3.Click on Insert Approve/Deny link in the Approval Request Email section.

For information on configuring Approval Request emails with approval/deny links, see Configuring Account Approval Email Links.

Cisco Identity Services Engine Administrator Guide, Release 2.2 - Configure Guest Access [Cisco Identity Services Engin…


There are two ways to approve an account using the single-click, one with and without a token. If you have a token then its truly a 1 click action. If you don’t have a token then the sponsor is required to enter their credentials and then the account will be approved.


How long does the token last?

The default is 3 hours. After that the single click function won’t work, the user will have to click on the link and login with their credentials to approve the account.


What happens if I forward the email link to someone else to approve?

If the single click email approval is forwarded to someone else then it will be approved by the person being visited email-address even though someone else clicked on it. This is because a token is generated when the guest 1st requests it by linking it with the person being visited. This tokenized link will only work when directly mapping a person being visited email address in the self-registration portal.


An example on why you may want the tokenized link. This is up to your organization standard procedures.

Maybe someone is out of the office and can’t get access to approve it as the Sponsor portal is available on the internal network. They forward it to someone else to click on the link for them. Because it wasn't the original recipient clicking on the link then any reporting or manage accounts lists will show the account belongs to the person being visited and not the actual person who clicked on the link.

To protect against this you would turn on the option to require authentication. This way you have tracking but lose the ease of use aspects.


What’s required for single-click with token (no requirement to enter credentials) to work?

Simple steps

  1. Your sponsors must belong to an AD group.
  2. AD group must belong to a sponsor group.
  3. Self-Registration page settings must require the following:
    1. sponsor approval
    2. person being visited


Note that the single-click (tokenized) link will not work if the following aren’t met.

·         The person being visited email address is not matched to a valid sponsor (must match a sponsor group and be part of a valid identity source sequence)

·         AD sponsor user must have same email address configured to match


How can I send the single click (with token credentials) to a group of sponsors so anyone receiving doesn’t have to enter their credentials?

since the person being visited option is required to create a single click tokenized URL then the Sponsor email address listed below option won't work. Here is an idea on how this would work:

Create a generic sponsor account in AD with email address like, this would be entered by the guest on the self-reg page.

To make it easier on the visiting user since they can only use a limited set of email address values then some options:

  • to provide a drop down list (maybe 1 portal handles several sites) using javascript ISE Guest Self-Registration choose sponsor from a list
  • create a portal for each site that has different email address of sponsors this could then be pre-populated on the self-reg page with some javascript to hardcode as one single email address





$('#guestUser\\.fieldValues\\.ui_person_visited').attr('disabled', true);

}, 500);


Keep in mind since this email address and generic account is used then there is no way to tie the approval a specific sponsor user.

Because of this its recommended you setup a sponsor group with group ownership, this generic sponsor and any other sponsors that would need to manage these accounts would need to be part of this group.

If this sponsor group had the option to filter the list of pending accounts to the person being visited then keep in mind that only the generic sponsor would be able to see these accounts as they are only matched by that account. If another sponsor that is part of the group logged in they would only see the accounts pending and matching their email address.


What happens if I self-reg guest enters an email address that doesn’t belong to a sponsor?

Single click won’t work but recipient can still attempt to login to approve with their credentials


Where does the overall theme (look) of the single click portal come from?

Customization comes from the 1st matched sponsor portal


How does Single Click Guest choose what PSN to encode in the URL?

The URL that is returned in the email to the sponsor is encoded with the Sponsor Portal Test URL of the 1st matched sponsor portal.  The only way to override this is to give the portal an EASY URL (FQDN) set in sponsor portal settings. Example: maps to IP address of PSN1, PSN2 in DNS as a CNAME Alias


This is a great discussion about redundancy with single click sponsor approval, guest and the sponsor portals

How do I customize the notification message sent to the sponsor?

Cisco Identity Services Engine Administrator Guide, Release 2.2 - Customize End-User Web Portals [Cisco Identity Servic…


How do accounts that don’t get approved get cleaned from the system?

They will be removed after 90 days (default) per the guest purge policy



What type of accounts are able to use the single click with token?

The sponsor email address must be populated under the AD or LDAP account Email.

ISE AD/LDAP schema is already mapped out of box when configured.

Administration > Identity Management > External Identity Sources > Active Directory > domain > Advanced Settings > Schema

Screen Shot 2016-11-28 at 6.48.49 PM.png

Screen Shot 2016-11-28 at 6.50.22 PM.png


Known defects

  • CSCvd29533 Fixed in 2.2P2 and 2.3 One-Click approval does not work with the "Only accounts assigned to this sponsor" option.
  • CSCvd85620 Fixed in 2.3 Utilizing a custom Schema to map attributes does not work with Active Directory.
  • CSCvi41646 April 2018 - LDAP query goes to domain mentioned after @ in user email


Unknown error when saving portal: I started getting this same issues after I had to rebuild the guest portals (suddenly they started throwing an error whenever I tried to save them) and have just found what was causing it for me.

In the Self Registration settings there is a collapsed list called "Sponsor is matched to a Sponsor Portal to verify approval privileges" which I hadn't noticed when recreating the portals. This had defaulted to the default sponsor portal which is not in use (and not linked to AD groups). After selecting the correct AD linked sponsors portals the issue was resolved.


Is it necessary that the ISE which provide the selfreg portal has access to the LDAP/AD for the one click approval to work?

Todd S

Yes.  The AD you are using must be an external ID source. 

Jason Kunst
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

We need to authenticate the sponsor and there permissions to the portal etc


Thanks. Tested with the internal PSN and it works fine . Have to request some firewall rules for the PSN in the DMZ...


Are there any plans to support also LDAP as external ID source?

Jason Kunst
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

LDAP is supported as external ID source.


The problem I have:

Normal sponsorportal works fine with LDAP authentication. But with the Oneclick feature enabled

I get no sponsorgroup matching. With AD authentication both works.

Any hints how to troubleshoot beside the guest.log? In the packet capture I can see the successfull

LDAP request but no Sponsorgroup matching within the guest.log...

Jason Kunst
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Please work through the TAC on troubles

Ditmar Tavares

is there a way to integrate the single click approval with SSO based portal ?

currently enabling SSO on a portal, disable the single click guest approval.

documentation states the single click approval only works with AD based authentication, so i was wondering when is the system to be improved.

Jason Kunst
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

please reach out via account team to ISE-PM amekulka and myself with customer info we don't discuss roadmap in public forum
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Should the “ISE Single Click Sponsor Approval” flow work on Apple IOS guest devices also?

Jason Kunst
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

OK it seems to me if you’re asking if guest (not single click email) should work on Apple iOS devices, yes it should, would recommend a tac case if you’re trying to troubleshoot



Is there a way to display the login credentials to the guest user on the portal after the sponsor approved the account? Something like the aruba solutions provide?

Jason Kunst
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

No, you will need to notify via email or SMS

Yash Kejariwal
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi Jason,


Trust you’re doing good.


I had a quick question regarding single sign on feature for guest approval/denial.


I saw the following video composed by you -:


Moreover, I also referred to this FAQ blog regarding single sign on feature -:


In the video, you mention that when the sponsor gets the email, and he clicks on the approve link for the first time, he gets the following message -:


"Guest(jakunst) has been approved"


By default the approve link (token) is valid until 3 hours.


However, if you click on the “approve” link again within the default timeout frame, we get the following message -:

 "Link is invalid. Please sign on to the sponsor portal to approve/deny guests"


Now you mentioned the customization of this pop-up depends on the customization on the sponsor portal to which the sponsor is matched to.


Under the sponsor portal, these were quite a few customizable options from email messages. they are attached along with this comment. email_customization_sponsor_portal.png




As per the case discussed above, if the “approve” link is clicked within the default timeout period, it should display “Already processed” display message on the pop-up.


Instead, it displays the “Link Invalid” message on the pop-up.


Could you help me explain as to when the “Link Invalid “ message will be popped up and when will “ Already Processed “ message will be popped up?


Moreover, the "link expired" message should appear after the link expires. 



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