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The Cisco TAC IPS Media Series

The Cisco TAC IPS Media Series is created by Cisco TAC engineers. Each episode will concentrate on a particular feature of the IPS, with a portion dedicated to configuration and a portion dedicated to troubleshooting and debugging.

Podcast Members

Blayne Dreier - CCIE No. 19346, has been with Cisco for 7+ years, focusing on security technologies, and specializing in firewall and intrusion  prevention systems. He is a member of the TAC escalation team and is  actively engaged in the future direction of the IPS product.

Stijn Vanveerdeghem - CCIE Candidate, has been working with Cisco for 6+ years.  Stijn worked in his native Belgium as well as in the US in various roles within Cisco.  He is currently working as a specialist with the TAC IDS team.


We encourage you to listen and provide feedback on the episodes. We create these shows for you, and we want your feedback.

What future show topics would you like us to discuss? What do you like about the show, and how can we make it better.

Please email, and we'll be sure to respond to your feedback!

Episode Listing

Select an episode below to listen now, or to view the show notes.

Publication Date
3IPS PlacementFeb 4, 2011
2IPS HardwareOct 21, 2010
1What is an IPS?Aug 25, 2010

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