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Network Access Control

Cisco Access Control Server (ACS), Identity Services Engine (ISE), Zero Trust Workplace

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Network Security

Engage with peers and experts on network security topics such as FTD, FMC, FDM, CDO and ASA.

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Duo Security

Get started with or get better at administering and using Duo by interacting with peers and experts!

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Activity in Security

Capability Overview: XDR Automation

Join us as our experts walk you through an overview and demonstration of XDR Automation and its primary components. Cisco XDR Automation can accelerate and enhance the way your organization detects, investigates and responds to threats in your envir...

zsoulios by Cisco Employee
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Getting Started with Umbrella DNS Security

Join us as our experts explore Umbrella DNS Security. Participants will receive an overview of DNS layer security and Umbrella's scalability and security enforcement. They will also discover a variety of features that can be enabled with Umbrella's ...

zsoulios by Cisco Employee
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Resolved! open ssh 9.3 multiple vulnerability in cisco sma

Hi folks recently our audit team have scanned our WSA and SMA for VApt and they have found that wsa(asyncos 14.5) and SMA (15.0) is having openssh version prior to 9.3 and should be upgraded .IS it possible to upgrade openssh alone? i searched docume...

DK9 by Level 1
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Allowing Signal Desktop App through Cisco WSA proxy

Hello everyone,I have a Cisco Secure Web Appliance S300V for my company's proxy server. We have been recently directed to utilize the Signal Desktop App for communication and unfortunately I have run into every issue while getting this to work. The Q...

PXGrid 2.0 High Availability - Primary Pan Outage

I have an EVE-NG lab that consists of a Panorama, 1 FW, and 4 ISE nodes (see lab.jpg attached).  The Lab ISE nodes are running 3.2 patch 5 and panorama and Firewall is running 10.2.7-h3.  In reading the 3.2 and 3.1 admin guides they both state in the...

ryanbess by Level 1
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Resolved! Need expert help with Firepower intervlan routing

(FP)Firepower 1000 has routed sub-interfaces as shown in diagram. HostA is able to ping HostB, and vice-versa. FP Vlan20 responds to ping request from HostA. FP Vlan30 responds to ping request from HostB. All works with the following exception, FP Vl...

GatLMCO by Level 1
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CiscoISE policy applying on switch problem

Hello,I have a problem with applying policies from CiscoISE 3.2 on switch C3750. It simply doesn't stop the unauthenticated users from logging in to switch, nor it prevent commands that are forbidden by the created policy. In Live Logs I can see that...

Screenshot 2024-04-22 at 08-57-04 Identity Services Engine.png
mitros by Level 1
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Resolved! ASA 5506 SSP Version?

Hello,With the older ASA 5505, 5510, 5520, etc. series devices, you could add an SSP module that would give you IDS/IPS functionality.  This functionality showed up in the ASDM GUI as an additional tab.The newer ASA 5506-X doesn't have a slot for a m...

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