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Trying to activate a Cisco 7821

Good afternoon! I recently purchased the 7821 for my shop. Unfortunately, I do not have past experience with IP Phones. I plugged in my device and it is asking me for some kind of activation code. Keep in mind that it’s the only device so it’s not co...

Resolved! SD Guest Wireless Question

HICan i set up a Wirelss Guest Network without using any Portals (hotspot, self registered) I have recntly had a visit to a  fast food restaraunt and I connected to their Guest SSID and was just granted Internet access without any Portal/AUP etc, wou...

Comcast/Ciena handoff to ASA5506?

Greetings! I inherited a network where the primary firewall device is an ASA 5506 (we're hoping to upgrade later this year).Before I came on board, we had Comcast's EDI service installed. They provided a layer 3 IP and a block of usable static IPs. C...

rshockley by Level 1
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DMVPN Tunnel stuck at NHRP state

I saw that there was a verified solution to DMVPN Tunnel stuck at NHRP state.My issue is very similar to this but I have a static IP address at the spoke. So my address wouldn't change. So what I have is a spoke that can form a tunnel to the secondar...

billmoise by Level 1
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ISE 3.x TLS version

Dear Community, While ISE 3.x versions by default use TLS 1.2, so cannot find an option to enable TLS 1.3. To avoid the use of weak cipher of TLS 1.2, do you have any recommend /advice to keep it secure like protocols CBC, RC4,DES...or else? In case ...

Da ICS16 by Level 1
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Cisco FPR-1010 always boot to FXOS mode

Hello there!Cisco Firepower 1010 Threat Defense Version 6.4After rebooting the device always connect to FXOS mode. To get to FTD I have to enter "firepower# connect ftd" command all the time. Could you please tell me how I can skip FXOS mode on boot ...

art-deren by Level 1
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Resolved! Cisco ASA ACL and NAT for RDP through subinterface allow any

Hello Team,Need help to create first ACL and NAT for our LAB testing . I have connected my subinterface with internet using PPPoE - I wanted to create ACL and NAT to allow everyone from internet to connect to the RDP on my inside host through my Subi...

GoldTipu by Level 1
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apply IPS on the outgoing interface

Is it alright to put the IPS on both incoming and outgoing interface?i knew that we should put IPS on the incoming interface of gateway to protect our lan.But what if i want to prevent outside network from the attack perform by my asset in case of co...

WINCis by Level 1
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