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IVR Codes


An IVR table is below this printable IVR Quick Reference Card:


IVR Codes

Note: Not all IVR commands are applicable to all devices


Access IVR****
Announce WAN IP address110
**Control WAN port admin web server [1 to enable, 0 disable]7932**
Reset to ITSP defaults877778
Factory reset73738
Exit IVR3948
Announce DHCP100
Enable DHCP [0 for DHCP, 1 for static IP, 3 for PPPoE]101
Set WAN port static IP address [* for period, disable DHCP first]111
Announce WAN netmask120
Set WAN netmask [* for period, disable DHCP first]121
Announce WAN gateway IP address [* for period, disable DHCP first]130
Set WAN gateway IP address [* for period, disable DHCP first]131
Announce MAC address140
Announce firmware version150
Announce primary DNS IP address160
Set primary DNS server IP address [* for period, disable DHCP first]161
Announce admin web server WAN port170
Announce LAN IP address210
Announce PBX multicast address180
Set PBX multicast address181
Reboot the device732668

** for SPA122, default admin/admin login must be changed before this value will be applied, refer to

Entering a Password with the IVR

To input the password using the phone keypad, the following translation convention applies:

·         A, B, C, a, b, c—press 2

·         D, E, F, d, e, f—press 3

·         G, H, I, g, h, i—press 4

·         J, K, L, j, k, l— press 5

·         M, N, O, m, n, o—press 6

·         P, Q, R, S, p, q, r, s—press 7

·         T, U, V, t, u, v—press 8

·         W, X, Y, Z, w, x, y, z—press 9

·         All other characters in the Administrator account password, press 0



Dan Lukes

It seems that ** notice apply to SPA122, not the SPA112 as misclaimed above.


Code 7932 is considered unknown on SPA112 ...


Patrick Born
Cisco Employee

was my mistake, thanks for flagging this. I've changed the text from 112 to 122.

Dan Lukes

Note that registered device will send INVITE for *** (three stars not four stars) number to PBX as the result of '****' access code dialed.  Call progress tones may be heard then.

In the unfortunate case the *** number exist and someone will answer, IVR messages will be shouted into established call. In such case the DTMF tones are NOT RECOGNIZED so IVR can't be used.



Hello Patrick


Can you send me the IVR Quick Reference Card above (The Linksys image above) as a document, cant seem to print that out properly with printer settings weird, all cut off and not fitting to page properly, just send me the original doc please and thanks





My SPA122 is useless.  I cannot open the page to set it up, leaving me with no phone.

I have done everything and my next step is to either pitch it across the room or bring it back to the store and buy a good ATA

Dan Lukes

Your comment is unrelated to IVR and is off topic here. Moreover it doesn't describe an issue, just claim you have some. If you wish for help, create question in appropriate place. Further off topic comment here will be ignored silently.