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Alberto Montilla
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

SPA3XX and SPA5XX feature the possibility to offer information and communications services based on the Cisco XML Service Interface (XSI).

We developed a series of applications based on XSI for Asterisk-based environments, open a new set of possibilities to use the SPA phones for productivity applications, including information services, extension mobility, IVR, monitoring, etc.

The list below includes the links to documentation and scripts needed to develop the following services/applications under Asterisk, using the Cisco XSI interface on SPA products*:

  • Autodialer: This application allows for configuring an autodialer, defining the callers of the campaign and the called numbers for each campaign.
  • Visual Voicemail: This application allows the phones to provides a visual voicemail under Asterisk, and be able to access and hear the inbox.
  • Day/Night mode: This application allows the switching between day and night ringing mode in Asterisk.
  • SIP-based instant messaging: This application allows sending and receiving of instant messages between IP phones.
  • Information Menu: This application offers (information) menu on the phone. It allows showing of information structured in menus and submenus, that can be used in hotel, business centres or offices for information purposes.
  • ISDN and analog line monitoring: This application allows monitoring of analog and ISDN lines (DAHDI) in Asterisk.
  • Meet me conference room monitoring: This applications allows for monitoring the occupation status of the meet me rooms (idle/busy), as well as indication of which extensions are on the room if any.
  • Extension Mobility:  This application allows the configuration of extension mobility for users, allowing them to roam across devices, using a username and password.

For additional documentation about the Cisco XML services on SPA phones, please check the XML Phone Applications community:

* These features have been tested on the SPA5XX only, as documented in each application note. It is assumed that features will also operate on the SPA3XX, however Cisco cannot guarantee successful operation. These scripts and the associated documentation is provided as is, and under no service warranty of operation.


Links to scripts are all broken. Can we get these fixed??

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