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Patrick Born
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

In order to capture debug and syslog messages from your SPA400, you need to have a syslog server on your network.

Here is a link to a document describing this.

Turn on debugging and syslog messaging as follows:

1. Determine the IP address of your syslog server

c:\ ipconfig /all  [Windows]

$ ifconfig -a  [UNIX]

For this example, assume a syslog server IP address of

2. Configure your SPA400 by directing  your browser to:

Example: if the SPA400's IP address is

3. Edit the following fields:

a. SPA400 web-ui > Setup tab > Basic Setup tab > Syslog Settings > Syslog Server: <IP address of syslog server> Example:

b. Scroll down and click Save Settings [You must do this now else your changes will be lost]

c. Click OK [Are you sure you wish to change your setting !!]

The SPA400 reboots.

d. Click OK [Reboot OK! Go to Setup page ?]

e. SPA400 web-ui > Event Logs tab > Set Log Level tab > Event Log Level:




Dial plan:

Voice mail:


   Select a log level for each of the above from: Fatal Error, Error, Events, All Information, Off

Scroll down and click Save Settings [You must do this now else your changes will be lost]

The SPA400 will save the changes, not reboot, and send all debug and syslog messages to the specified IP address of the syslog server.

[Don't forget to make sure that your syslog server is running and that its IP address is what you configured on the SPA400]


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