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Leah Davis

StoneFax from Stonevoice ( is a complete software solution including

a robust fax server based on T.38 able to interoperate with Cisco Unified Communications.

StoneFax delivers a complete IP fax server solution, allowing users to send and receive faxes

directly from any email client or through a dedicated web interface.

StoneFax is easy to use and can be seamlessly integrated with any e-mail server using standard

SMTP/POP3 protocols without impacting on specific infrastructure requirements.

StoneFax can automatically route incoming faxes in TIFF format to each user's mailbox and

personal web interface, picking out the right recipient by the Called Line Identifier (DID support)

or by the line on which the fax was received. This enables users to check faxes from anywhere in the world using either:
• A traditional desktop email client (i.e.: Outlook, Lotus Notes...). This is the Fax through email feature
• A web browser (Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator...). This is the Fax through web feature
To send a fax, each user can either:
• Create it as a new message in his/her email client, the Email To Fax feature
• Upload a document via web through a dedicated web page, the Web To Fax feature
• Directly print from any application to the StoneFax network printer, the Print To Fax feature

After the fax is sent, the user receives a transmission report in his/her inbox.

StoneFax automatically manages the outgoing queue, trying to send the fax again if it not succeeded.

StoneFax interacts with the Cisco Systems Voice Gateway as a T.38 endpoint with Fax Relay technology.

In order to activate StoneFax integration with the Cisco Systems Voice Gateway, the administrator

needs to configure some specific dial-peers (please refer to the System Administration Guide) and

a few more (optional) commands. This will be done once and further operations will be automatically managed by StoneFax Web GUI.
- No need for additional Hardware or telephone lines:
- It does not require dedicated hardware or modems as it leverages the Cisco gateways
- It does not require dedicated telephony lines as it shares those plugged into the Cisco VoIP gateways

For more information:
Flash demo available here:

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