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Christopher Edgeworth
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General Questions:

Where can I find more documentation on the Cisco UC320W?

The Master Document Index can be found here:

Are there any "How To" Videos available?

Yes, you can find some here:

Is there a simulator / emulator available?

Yes, you can find the UC320W emulator here:

Cisco Small Business Online Demos

Where can I get help with a Cisco UC320W system problem?

UC320W Troubleshooting Guide

UC300 Support Community

Cisco Small Business Support Center Contact Information

Is there Command Line Interface (CLI) support?

Sorry, no, all configuration is performed via the UC320W Configuration Utility running in a web browser running Adobe Flash.

What countries are supported by the UC320W?

Austrailia, Austria, Canada, Chile, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, New Zealand, Portugal,  Singapore, Spain, Switzerland (via Region Pack), United Kingdom, and United States. Country  support include language support for English, French, German, Italian,  Portuguese, Spanish for the Phone User Interface, Auto attendant,  Voicemail and UC320W Configuration Utility.

Where can I find firmware updates, regional updates, and configuration updates?

Firmware information can be found here:  UC320W firmware releases 

Note: Some Limited Deployment firmware fixes may only be announced on the Support Community.

Region Pack updates can be found here:  UC300 Region Packs

Platform Modification Files can be found here:   UC300 Platform Modification Files (PMF)

How can I set the correct time on my system?

The UC320W uses the WAN connection to access a Cisco Small Business Network Time Protocol (NTP) server to set the time.  We recommend connecting the WAN interface to the internet.  If no internet connectivity is availble, you can set the time using the settings menu on one of the SPA Phones.  Once the time is set on a phone it will push the time to the rest of the system.

Telephony Questions:

What IP phones are supported with the UC320W?

Cisco SPA 301, 303, 501, 502, 504, 508, 509, 525 phones are supported.

Can I use my Cisco 7900 series phone with the UC320W?

No, only the Cisco SPA 301, 303, 501, 502, 504, 508, 509, 525 phones are supported.

Can I use my Cisco 7921/7925 WiFi phone with the UC320W?

No, these phones are not supported.  A number of customers have connected a cordless DECT phone to the FXS port. 

Can I connect a SPA phone remotely or connect a teleworker phone?

The UC500 series supports remote offices and remote teleworker phones.  The UC320W does not support this.

Does the Cisco UC300 Series support multiple sites?

No, the Cisco UC300 Series does not currently support multiple sites.

How many SIP trunks will the system support?

The UC320 supports up to 4 different SIP accounts with a total of 12 simultaneous calls, no more than 8 per SIP account.

How many concurrent calls will the system support?

The system supports up to 12 concurrent external calls.

Does the Cisco UC300 Series support any type of soft phone?

No, the Cisco UC300 Series does not currently support any Softphones.

What do you recommend for a cordless phone option?

You can connect an analog cordless phone such as a DECT phone to an FXS port.

What do you recommend for conference phone?

You can connect an analog conference phone to the FXS port of the UC320W or SPA8800.

What PSTN gateways are supported on the UC320W?

The SPA 8800 gateway provide 4 FXS ports for analog telephones and 4 FXO ports for FXO PSTN trunks.  The Mediatrix 4400 series SIP to BRI gateway.  Up to 2 SPA8800 and 2 Mediatrix 4400 series gateways can be added to a system.

What SIP Trunk providers are supported on the UC320W?

Cisco provides best effort support for interoperability with each SIP provider.  A list of providers and configuration template can be found in the UC300 SIP Trunk for Service Providers Document

Where can I find help configuring my Mediatrix SIP BRI gateway?

UC320 Meditrix Configuration

Deploying Meditrix 4400 with UC320W Smart Design

How many wireless IP phones are supported on the UC320W?

The UC320W supports up to 6 wireless connected SPA525G phones.

Data Questions:

Can I use my Window Small Business Server as my network DHCP server?

Yes, the UC320W supports a number of network topologies.  For more information on this please see the Deploying Windows Small Business Server with UC300 SMART Design Document.

Can I expand my WiFi coverage with additional Access Points?

Yes, the APs need to be configured to use the same SSID names, VLANs, security settings as the UC320W.

Configuration Questions:

Does the Cisco UC320W support custom AA prompts?

Yes, as of firmware 2.2.1, you have the ability to upload professionaly recorded AA prompts thru a Cloud Transcoder which will convert your MP3, WAV, WMA,AAC or AIF sound files to the UC320W internal formats and download it to your UC320W.  There is a 120 second limit, and longer files will be truncated.

Does the Cisco UC320W support loading Custom Ringtones on the Phones?

You can load custom ringtones on the SPA525G and SPA525G2 phones thru the phone menus using a USB memory stick.  On the SPA50x and 30x series phones, you can use the following utility to upload custom ringtones to the phones:

SPA Ringtone Tool

http://Note:  The SPA Ringtone tool limits the custom ringtone duration to 6 seconds.

Can you assign multiple users to the same phone?

No, you can only assign a phone to a single user.   However, you can create Additional Extensions on the phone, and have them be virtually assigned to non-system users.

Does the UC320W's WAN need to have connectivity to the internet?

We strongly recommend that your UC320W have internet connectivity thru the WAN as the UC320W uses the WAN to receive time (NTP) and lookup for firmware upgrades.  There are a number of cloud services that require WAN connectivity.  You can however set the time service be provided by a local LAN side NTP server; please download and install the LANNTP Platform Modification File (PMF).


How do I get the " dual language Auto attendant " feature to work on my UC320w? I have Firmware version 2.3.2 (6) installed.

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