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Patrick Born
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Specific ring tones can be configured in one of two ways:

1.       Directly on the phone:

a.       Dir/Directory soft key

b.      New Entry

c.       Insert Name, Number, and Select Ring, Default, by default

2.       Using the phone’s web-ui:

a.       http://<IP_of_phone>/pdir.htm

Example: For an entry that will display the following on the phone and cause the Classic-4 ring tone to play when the 2145551212 phone calls:



Insert the following next to the first vacant Personal Directory number: Syntax is:



n—name for listing

p=incoming phone number that will cause the special ring

r—identifies the ring tone as listed http://<IP_of_phone>/admin/advanced > Ring Tone > RingN:

Note that:

“0” in this syntax enables a silent ring. The phone’s LEDs will flash, but the phone will not ring
Ring4: n=Classic-4;w=3;c=4 is called “4” in this syntax

Ring9: n=Simple-5;w=2;c=5 is called “9” in this syntax

Ring10: n=Office;w=4;c=1 is called “10” in this syntax


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