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OnPlus integrates with Remote Monitoring & Management (RMM) partner, Kaseya, via a ‘Kaseya Service Desk’ OnPlus App. By installing the Kaseya Service Desk App, OnPlus events can be configured to show up as tickets inside the Service Desk on the Kaseya portal. Partners can view details about the network event and access the network device involved in the event directly from the Service Desk on the Kaseya portal, thus enjoying best of what both applications have to offer.

Here are the steps to activate the Kaseya Service Desk integration –

  1. Select “Kaseya Service Desk” App under “Apps” on the OnPlus customer Dashboard Menu


2.  Add the “Kaseya Service Desk” App by entering the URL to Kaseya Instance, your Kaseya account credentials and an OnPlus contact to associate with the account (listed under OnPlus -> Notifications -> Delivery Contacts)


3.  Verify if Kaseya Service Desk App is successfully installed

4. Add a Delivery Rule under OnPlus -> Notifications -> Delivery Rules, to set the severity level of OnPlus events to be generated as tickets in the Kaseya Service Desk (Use Kaseya Contact as Method)


5. Login to Kaseya Portal and go to Service Desk

6. View OnPlus events, generated as tickets in real-time in the Service Desk of Kaseya


7. Click ticket to view more detail, including links to specific network device related to the event


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