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Reset Catalyst c1000-8p switch back to a new zero-day GUI


Catalyst c1000-8p switch - I need to reset the GUI back to the zero-day login process. Something went wrong after logging into the GUI the first time. The GUI appeared to accept my settings but after that, I can not locate the GUI to continue the setup and configuration. I have searched the CISCO community, CISCO docs, and the web, and found that a few others have had the same issue, however, they have not posted follow-ups on any resolution. Please tell me there is a super secret way to use the reset button to wipe the switch back to zero-day. I see there might be a way if I buy a console cable and learn to use Putty but even that is not clearly stated in the documentation. The point of the GUI was to be quick and easy, but so far not so much...

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Thank you for replying however the link to the  Catalyst c1000 setup guide is

I have reviewed the setup documents (and other docs) for the Catalyst c1000 and that is where I am stuck. I have tried the GUI setup and it failed, I have tried the normal default Cisco IPs, and the default IP for the Catalyst c1000 zero-day config ALL without luck. I cannot find any use for the "reset" button on the front panel except to start the Setup Mode. My next step is to try the console port access. I have to wait for an RJ-45-to-USB cable to be delivered, then use putty for the first time to try and reset the switch to zero-day. I need to make sure it is in a good clean state before moving on with the setup. Fingers crossed I can continue.

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