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Smart Licensing and Smart Accounts FAQ for Partners, Distributors and Customers


Smart Licensing and Smart Accounts FAQ for External Audiences: Partners, Distributors and Customers.

when i try to create smart account and fill the boxes i always  get the massage below any one have the solution for that 
The address you entered failed validation for the reasons listed below. Verify that you have entered the address for the company/organization correctly.
  • The value entered for "City" does not correspond with the other values provided for the headquarters address.



Enter a case with GLO: It may be comparing the address to what is recorded in Cisco record.


Hello guys


I have 2 Catalyst9404 version of IOS 16.09.03, in this version it is necessary to perform authentication of the licenses via Smart lincenses.


I performed the S / N Registry via the Smart licenses of these equipments.


Now I need to register the Catalyst9404, but I will use my notebook as an internet outlet only to register with smart lincenses ...


My question is what commands to perform this registration using my notebook as a way out of the internet?


Note: I used the link procedure below but it did not work


thank you for your attention

Cisco Employee

Hi Tiago, 


You can check the documentation available here on


In particular, you will find a link to the configuration guide:


I hope this helps, but if you are still facing issues, I would recommend to contact GLO (

Cisco Employee

Who can I contact to have live one-on-one Smart Account training for a customer?

Cisco Employee

@ppauluzz Hi Patrick, to request a live training session, you can check the live training schedule here:


You can also request a 1:1 live training session directy from here:


Hi, @askocka and guys


According to the recently changed policy, the eval mode has disappeared from IOS 17.3.2(?) and there is no need to register a smart license using token.

The C9407 ordered for IOS 16.12 will arrive soon. If I os upgrade this product to 17.3.2, do I not need to register DNA license? Is there no warning message and not in eval mode?


Thank you for your attention

(I am not used to English. Please understand.)