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Resolved! CSPC 2.7.4 Post Upgrade Connection to Platform Software Updates Server Fails

Fellow Networkers, Having CLI applied CSPC v2.74: admin# show apply Version Number : sp-30.0.4-0-0-lnx64 Status : Applied Start Time : May/01/2018 12:26:15 End Time : May/01/2018 12:37:32 admin# sho version Build-name : Collection Platform Software 2...

Resolved! CSPC CCO Credentials

Fellow Networker,   I'm trying to upgrade my customer's CSPC v2.7.2 to the latest version.  Since the initial install the deployed CCO credentials have changed.  Unfortunately, we're unable to locate how and where they can be modified either in the G...

Resolved! Unable to verfiy Access on cisco collector (2.7.4)

Hello Dears   I am trying to verify ssh access on the devices that managed by CSPC, I run the job and found a group of devices showing connection failed, I am sure the credential is correct as i tried to access the device through ssh client(Putty) an...

muath1987 by Beginner
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Resolved! CSPC version 2.6.1 root and Collectorlogin password expired

Hi  Unfortunately my CSPC V2.6.1 root and Collectorlogin passwords has expired and unable to gain the shell access.  What options are available for me?  I still have access to GUI with default admin account.  I am trying to upgrade to 2.7.4. Regards ...

ashokwe by Beginner
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Resolved! CSPC 2.5 Upgrade wrong CCO credencials

Hi,   When I am trying to upgrade my CSPC from 2.5, and asked for CCO credentials for the upgrade, it's giving me an error saying the credentials are incorrect. I have made sure my account is associated with my device contract too. Any suggestions on...

Resolved! Accounts Locked on Collector

I upgraded my virtual appliance today from 2.6.1 to 2.6.3.  When I try to login as admin or root, I get an error - "The server has disconnected with an error.  Server message reads:  A protocol error occurred. Too many authentication failures for adm...

Upload failing with 503 service unavailbe error after upgrading to 2.7.4 (solved)

Hello, I am looking to see if anybody else is having this issue, I have recently upgraded my collector to the latest version, and I have been able to get one collection successfully uploaded. But since then I have missed my scheduled uploads, I tried...

Resolved! Incorrect customer GU name association

Hi -- We have a customer who is incorrectly tied to a parent company that has SNTC already setup and that is causing registration issues. They have confirmed this company has no affiliation with them. How can we remove this association so the custome...