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Odd result of Viptela data in SNTC


Hello team,


I collected Viptelas data and uploaded them to SNTC. I can see half of them on the Contract report as covered. I also can see another half of the device on 'not recognized' because of:


FALLOUT REASON: Ciber Processor:Ciber Pid not exist in ciber product master, Ciber Processor:Ciber no softline record found, Mfg Processor:MFG Pid not exist in ciber product master


I am wondering whether it is a bug or not.




Chris Camplejohn
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee
Would be good to know which Products (PIDs) are giving fallout since not all Viptela products are physical HW with a serial number.

I couldn't understand what you mean. Is it general comments about Viptela SD-WAN solution? Or, do you want me to check whether they are physical devices or not?


We are using vedge 1000 and 2000. All of them are Physical HW with a serial number. For example:


A....-01 device is in contract report as covered. However, -02 device is 'not recognized.'


hostnameCollected SNReason Description
A.....-0211**********aFALLOUT REASON: Ciber Processor:..

B...-01 and B...02 devices at B site are in contract report as covered.

C...-01 and C...02 devices at C site are 'not recognized'


All of them are Vedge 1000. 


2x Vedge 2000 devices at D site are 'not recognized'

Good detail. Thank you. If you could private message one or two Serial Numbers that aren't validating, we can do some research on it for you.

Thanks for the details in private message. I'm following up with the development team to understand why this error is occurring. The Serial Number is valid and found in our system. Will get back as soon as I learn more.

Thank you, Chris.

The development team has identified the issue. Waiting to hear when it will be fixed. Stay tuned.

Thanks, Chris.
I have a question. Is it ok that I can upload CSPC or file to SNTC now? or Should I wait for resolving the issue?

You should be okay to send now.
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