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Smart Net is Broken Again Today. Everyday It's Broken.


I'm the DA and today's issue is I don't have access to the "Smart Net Total Care" Dashboard. That's the start page.

Please shut Smart Net down. It's doesn't work. You are only giving your customers false hope that Cisco will fix it.

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Leo Laohoo
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VIP Community Legend
SNTC has been sporadically broken for about a week now and no (in)formal notice from Cisco.
Contact your Cisco AM/SE.

I just started using it about three weeks ago so pretty much my entire experience has been terrible.


Talk to your Cisco AM/SE. It is part of their job to listen what the customer's gripes are.

More importantly, if SNTC is broken an "announcement" needs to be made and not "swept under the carpet" and hope no one notices.  For the team (who is managing SNTC) to behave something like this is very "un-Cisco". 

Hence, your Cisco AM/SE needs to be pinged.

Thank you all for your input and deepest apologies for the disruption and frustrating experience.  The engineering team has identified a root cause for the poor performance and errors and worked urgently to remediate.  All systems are back to normal performance. 


We do endeavor to communicate status of the SNTC portal and its components both within the portal, on the SNTC Support Community and most importantly on the SNTC Operational and Maintenance Status dashboard.  This dashboard reports automated measures of performances and reports both the good and the bad across portal performance, upload processing, self-service onboarding and APIs.  You have an opportunity to subscribe to notifications. Here is the link.

Once again, sorry for the frustrations and inconvenience the degraded service may have caused you. 



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