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SNTC Portal - most menu options are missing



I am currently logged into SNTC, however, I am not able to see the status of any uploads or any other menus in the portal. What I can see appears to be very restricted?


Library - Get Started

Administration - All Collectors


There are no other options showing?


Is this a permissions issue? CSPC has successfully completed an upload.



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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee



Assuming the company you are connecting to is BxxxxxxxY XX LD an upload has just occurred today.  however it seems that only a discovery was performed and then an upload.  A discovery is not sufficient to bring inventory data to the portal. and if you do an "UPLOAD" just after a discovery without a collection it will just bring that minimal information.


You do have some restrictions for modifying and viewing several areas since you are assigned as a "user" not an administrator on SNTC portal. You should  change that since you are the DA for your company on and you can modify your role to customer administrator



A discovery learns minimal information about the device and place them on the managed device list.

The you will need to schedule a 'COLLECTION PROFILE " and run it.  Additionally on SNTC a "UPLOAD PROFILE" is not necessary because it is redundant.  the COLLECTION PROFILE already has a feature to upload the data to the portal at the end of its process



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