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Software Version and Serial Number Details - Missing in SNTC

Discovered devices are showing the Hardware/software including Serial Number and Software details in CSPC Collection GUI.

Due to some Firewall blocking, Automatic uploading to SNTC was broken. In mean time, I have exported from Collector and Manually Imported the file.


I could see the upload went success and devices are populated into the SNTC Portal too. 

But for some reasons, I couldn't see the Serial, Software information, Module, Power Supply, FAN and etc are not showing in Portal. Only Hardware/IP/Hostname..etc are showing.


I am new to the SNTC and Collector Usage, but I have verified that uploaded process is completed too.


Will there be any limitation, when uploading through File export options ? 


Also, I couldn't able to see Switch Stack members details on SNTC portal, I know it won't show in CSPC Collector. Please tell me, where it will be available in SNTC portal ?



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Today I updated the CSPC to latest version, even after its same for me.

I am not sure, what I am missing here.

In CSPC I could see all the information about the hardware and software such as Model number/IOS version..etc

But in SNTC portal, its not showing Serial number, product family, product details, software version..etc

Any help to get this sorted, would be helpful.

Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee


The correct flow is the following



You are likely seeing the data mentioned on the reports--> managed device list

that list is only of discovered devices

discovery is the action of learning a device and putting it on the managed device list.

however what is to be sent to the portal is the DATA collected against those devices.


that is the job of the collection profile, if fact a default collection profile once the data is collected it will also upload to the backend.


If you are doing a DISCOVERY and then using UPLOAD PROFILE to send data to portal ( at this point no data was collected) it will only report the the IPS host but no additional data.


Please send me the process document you are following to export the transport file from collector

I am following below mentioned sequential steps.


  1. CSPC device discovery through SNMP/SSH and then verify the devices discovered under the Managed devices.
  2. Export the discovered devices à through attached process, which will export as Zip file on local system.
  3. On SNTC portal, through manual file upload process à imported the zip file, wait for uploading process to turn success stage.
  4. On SNTC portal , devices uploaded for example a Switch, which don’t shows Product family/Software/Serial..etc
  5. But for the same device all those information are I could see in CSPC à Under managed devices.

Also, how to check the Switch Stack members details on SNTC portal ? 

Under Device inventory section, only the Switch master is showing, is there any additional steps needs to follow to get the Stack Members also to be added into SNTC portal?



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