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Cisco Limited Lifetime Warranty




I've recently ran into an issue where an SG300-52P switch died on me while I was working on it remotely. The switch was working just fine with an uptime of over 400 days but I swapped it to layer 3 mode and rebooted but it never came back up. I went onsite to investigate and all the port LEDs were dimly flashing with no system status LED and no console output whatsoever. I looked into it and couldn't find much on that particular issue but I'm almost certainly the switch is dead as it will accept no input from any means. I found this article ( stating that Cisco products ship with a limited lifetime warranty until after their end of support date. I called their support line found in this article ( to see if I could start an RMA as the switch has not been neglected in any capacity and has died under what I thought was a limited lifetime warranty. A conversation with the gentleman over the phone ended with him swearing that this warranty did not apply because we did not have an active service contract with Cisco. I'm not particularly literate with legal writing so I was wondering if I was misunderstanding this warranty information or if the Cisco employee was just trying to make me go away so they wouldn't have to replace the failed switch under warranty. Any insight would be appreciated, thanks!

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Leo Laohoo
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Cisco Limited Lifetime Warranty is "black hole" in that the Entitlements Team would "feign" ignorance. I've successfully RMA-ed a lot of switches and APs using the LLW/E-LLW and I've always go into an argument (sometimes with the same person) about what LLW/E-LLW means.
No, the appliance doesn't need to have a valid Service Contract to invoke LLW/E-LLW. The only thing the appliance need to have is the serial number MUST BE attached to your CCO login.
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